Instant Éclat, Sisley


The first time I saw this product was on the runway last March. It was Litkovskaya show and I know she always works with Sisley. After the show I was intrigued and curious to find out what they used to get such a face glow. Luckily, a few weeks later I received my answer and a sample gift from Sisley.
It wasn't available in retail until September so I kept quiet. But now you can find it quiet easily and
I recommend you give it a try. It is a highlighting cream that also works well as a moisturizer, resulting in that healthy glow that we are all craving for. You can use in three ways.
First - put it under a foundation and it'll brighten up your complexion and give the skin that fresh and rested look. I usually do this after I get off the plane. Second - for everyday use - put in on top of your BB cream everywhere you want a highlight. Cheek bones, Cupid's bow and a bit on the nose dorsum. The third way - use it all over the face without a toner on top of it; works perfectly in the summer when the skin is a bit tan. A friend of mine is always busting my chops, asking me:
“How many highlighters do you have?” Well, I used to have a lot of them indeed, but with this one
I think I just might reduce it to one as it ticks all the boxes for me.