Lolita Jacobs


Lolita Jacobs masterfully brings together two of my favourite styles - feminine and tomboyish.
Have a look at her photos and you'll catch my drift. Being a Paris native, she possesses all the respective marvellous birthright traits - perfectly messy hair and that chic nonchalance look.
Lolita has a heavy lean towards flats over the uncomfortable high heels and embraces the kitten heel, as long as it's kept to a couple of centimetres at most. Throw in some tailored jackets, lots of short trapeze skirts and print tees. And don't forget the headwear, which, thrown into the mix of the messy hair, fit in perfectly and look as an absolutely natural accessory,
rather than a bait for the photographers.

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Фото: Collage Vinage, Style du Monde, Le 21-ème, JPMV, Pinterest.