Vanessa Traina


Vanessa Traina, daughter of the legendary Daniella Steel and the famous philanthropist John Traina, is the epitome of Paris chic for me. Her European childhood, as she mentioned in one of her interviews, influenced her style a lot, which is evident to this day in spite of her heavy involvement in the U.S. retail (she is the co-founder and creative director of The Line, a lifestyle e-commerce site and two stores in NY and LA with a curated selection of clothing, furniture, and beauty essentials). What I especially like is how effortlessly she wears high heels and pairs sexy skirts with a simple t-shirt or a sweater. With Vanessa Traina the word comfort gets a whole new meaning.

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Photo: Фото: Street Peeper, John Scarisbrick, V Magazine,, Tamara Savidi,, Getty Images, Pinterest.